A Family Affair


The film is about the 95-year-old grandmother, Marianne Cilliers, and her family drama. She left here two sons in orphanages in the 1950s while she started here modeling career. Some years later she emigrated to South Africa where she decided to start a new life, without intervention from her family.

She decided to entrust her story to Mr. Fassaert, here grandson but she has her own idea of how she wants it told.

I have met a lot of different peoples, but I have never met someone rude and controversial as Mrs. Cilliers.

It is available on Netflix.com

nytimes.com / youtube.com

My Work

Dear Relatives and Friends,

Every other weekend I´m privileged to work with peoples that have mental disorders and/or intellectual disabilities. It´s a job where I receive a lot of love and sometimes a lot of hate. I shall be the first one to admit that it isn´t always an easy job, and sometimes I go home after work and think that I will defiantly quit my job next month.

But, I have one of the most important jobs in the whole world, and I share this job with sisters and brothers all over the world. We are doctors and nurses, psychologists and volunteers, black and with, gay and straight, young and old.

We work 24/7, 365 days a year, to assist your loved ones and try to make a change in their lives when they are at the most vulnerable points in their lives. We have to be there when your wife or sister gives birth to a baby, or when your husband is ready to leave this world. We don´t care if your relatives or friends are Jewish, Christians, Muslims or Catholics. Our job is to make a change.

So, next time you visit one of your relatives or one of your friends, please remember that the majority of us health care workers go to work to make a better change to your loved one´s life.

You could make a change in our lives with just saying: Thanks!

-The Norwegian Guy

My Journey

Dear You,

Right now I´m on a journey; it´s a journey that started last weekend. I didn´t know that I had to take this journey, and certainly not alone.

I´m on a boat, it´s a small boat, but there many different cabins here. I discover new cabins every day. Some of the cabins are so dirty that I have to throw up.

The food that is left here on the boat is so discussing and tastes like old rubbish. I don´t have any map or compass here, so I have to trust that the wind takes me gently to the right harbor. The only thing I could see right now is just water; I can´t see land. It makes me scared.

It seems like it´s going to be a stormy night. I can tell it from the big waves some miles ahead. Is it safe to lay down, or should I try to stand?
What if the big waves make me jump off the boat? Will a die or will I be strong enough to survive? Jumping could also be a choice.

Someone I love very much betrayed me last weekend.

Should I forgive or should I hate?

– TheNorwegianGuy

Me & My Psychologist

I have been seeing my psychologist ones a week for a long time. It helps me focus on how I should live my life.

She surprised me last week when she started crying during our session. She told me that she felt I had so much sadness in me. I have been thinking about those words for almost a week now, and I have to admit that she´s right. I have this sadness deep inside me, and it has been there for a long time, and I have, in some way, learned to live with it.

How do I handle this sadness? Well, I´m not the guy who cries loud and frantically try to make the world see my feelings. I´m that guy who keeps it inside me. When did it start? What could I do to make it to go away? Do I have to live with it for the rest of my life?

I don´t know, or maybe I do?!

I know one thing for sure, this sadness has been affecting all of my decisions and thoughts about the past and the future. This sadness has been me! It is scary.

– The Norwegian Guy

Homeless In San Francisco


I went for a trip to San Francisco. It was a short visit, but I experience one of the most important things here in life. What’s that, you ask?! Well, it is as simple as that we are placed here on this earth to make choices and live with the consequences, no matter what!

When I was walking around in San Francisco, I saw this young boy laying on the street. He looked like a Black Swan who was resting before the next journey started. If I hadn´t seen his face in the first place, I would have said that this body in front of me belonged to an old man because of the sound of his constant spitting and coughing. He had placed a cup in front of himself with a few dollars in it, but he didn´t beg. It was like the world around him didn´t exist. This Black Swan was far away from the consequences, the streets, the last battle and his position in this world.

There has always been a stigma attached to the peoples that are homeless and are struggling with the consequences and their addiction to alcohol or drugs. There is no room for them in the  picture many of us have about how we should live our life and how we should make choices and  handle our problems. The truth is that had we all handled problems, in the same way, there wouldn´t have been any problems.

I try to remind myself of that things are not always as our mind or eyes would prefer to see them. It´s hard work, but I will from this day start my struggle against my “preferne´s.” I owe it to the 99% of us lucky ones.

I´m not a big prayer, but tonight I will say a pray for this Black Swan in San Francisco.

In the end, this could have been me, or you!


Late Night In Oporto, Portugal

I’m sitting at my table here in my rented room in Oporto, Portugal. My room is quite small, but it helps that the walls are painted white. It is almost midnight now, and I’m so tired after a long day, but I can’t sleep.

The street outside has only one street light, so it is very dark, and it makes the dogs looks like shadows, while they are running around and barking. These shadows make me wondering about if they belong to someone, or maybe they are one of those free spirits, which you can find among us peoples. They don’t belong to anybody. They are free, free from everything.

Boa Noite!

-The Norwegian Guy